September 18, 2012

Sand Creek Greenway...West end of trail

Here are some photos from my ride this morning.  Felt good to get out and spin after not riding for over a week...dont ask.  On the way out I took pics of the Sand Creek Greenway from Stapleton to where it ends/meets the Platter River Trail, north of downtown.  
This trail is awesome...with the exception of the refineries along it banks, and the Natural Gas pumping stations along the way as well.  Once you get past them, theyre on the far west end of the trail, its a pretty nice hardpacked ride.  Not too much paved, but lots in the dirt road/sandy road realm.  Anyway...enjoy...

THE truck stop in town

love the smell coming off this thing

Suncor refinement/holding tanks

where the Sand Creek meets The Platte River
Soapy runoff from treatment plants on Platte River

The Platte River...filthy 


  1. Nice! I am truly envious both of the commute and somewhat of the bike... although my two CX steads have been doing pretty well for me, so I can't complain.

    Nonetheless, enjoy.

  2. Hi Chandler,
    Just found your blog and hope that you will be posting some more in the future....In anticipation I have linked in as a follower and invite you to do the same over at my blog...
    Great to have connected...